Monday, 29 September 2014

Donki Hell

As the start of this post on Spoon & Tamago says, the Japanese store Don Quixote (or as the in-store song says "Donki...HO-te") is hell on earth. Visiting any of its stores scares me. If there was an earthquake, getting out would be a nightmare of narrow, confusing aisles littered with thousands of random goods. One might never get out, though the only blessing would be that all the sounds and light could at least be stopped by a power cut. But I'm not sure if that's scarier (try finding your way out in the dark) or a blessed relief. The video on Spoon & Tamago video of their in-store sign writers sums it up: the video is backed by an inane tune and shows a speeded-up artist, at a desk not even big enough to hold the desperately in-your-face, mock-happy sign she's been condemned to hell to make for some unknown sin.

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