Friday, 22 November 2013

A different promotion/different promotions

An uncredited photo (looks like a TV grab, so I hope it's OK to use it) showing Paul McCartney's little bit of promotion in Japan for his album "NEW". Earlier in the week he attended the Sumo tournament as a spectator (where he got filmed in the auditorium of course, and clapped out at the end of the day to chants from the crowd of "Po-ru! Po-ru!" [Paul]). He then sponsored the final bout on day 12 of the tournament, which means that his album promotion got paraded before that fight on banners which more familiarly carry regular company names rather than album titles. Verdict: a small but pretty neat piece of promotion.

I won't be buying the album, however, as it's not my personal taste. The new Bowie album, "The Next Day", is my taste. But, vice versa, Bowie's latest release of a song from it for a joint promotion of Louis Vuitton and, presumably, himself, is entirely not to my personal taste. While Louis Vuitton is a most un-Bowie brand, Bowie opted to appear in the ad himself. Rather than good marketing, it looks like a persuasive price was paid. Verdict: bah! Great album, lousy choice of ad tie-in.

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