Saturday, 9 March 2013

Artist JR in Tokyo

Went to the artist JR's exhibition at Watari-Um museum yesterday. He's famous for the oversized faces he situates in people's own areas – in Israel/Palestine, the Rio favela, in the French projects of La Forestière etc. In Tohoku here in Japan, he had a roving photobooth recording people's faces (above, on the museum wall), and he plastered oversized fisherman's eyes on a boat moved inland by the tsunami two years ago. That was interesting, but it's really his "Women are Heroes" work which dramatically stood out – women's faces put large on rooftops, trains, walls around the world. (In the museum, below.) The video of the Rio favela (shantytown) project was arresting and impressive. (Coincidentally, my visit was on International Women's Day.)

See more on his website.

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