Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Shrink-wrapped couples

I can't find links to a site for him, even on reports such as in Die Spiegel, so apologies for using one of his images on this posting – I hope it's OK as these make their way round the web. Haruhiko Kawaguchi has been photographing couples vacuum-wrapped in plastic (it's a quick process!) to achieve a bizarre preserved/toy effect. (Some years ago, I was called up on stage from the audience by the Tokyo Shock Boys and they did a similar thing next to me to someone on stage. "Are you OK?" they asked. "Help," she replied. "'Happy!'," they confirmed, pretending to be lost in translation. For me, though, they just exploded a party popper in my mouth.)

Anyway, as for these images, they're bright, pop – and slightly scary.

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