Friday, 31 August 2012

Portraits: final

Jeanette Winterson, writer, at home, London, 1989
Taken in her pleasant basement flat, where sunlight lit the floor of the room nicely leaving her in shade. This was for City Limits. Someone who knew her told me afterward that City Limits had sent a "nice boy" to photograph her. I'm 100% certain she's forgotten that (if it was true) and me, but I always enjoyed the compliment (if it is such – could always be damning with faint praise, I suppose!)

Yamantaka Eye, vocalist, backstage, London, 1994
The green tinge is from cross-processing the film – although in fact I found Eye (now Yamataka) asleep behind the covered piano he stands next to here, trying to sleep off a cold. He certainly found the energy for a wild performance later. This, and the one of Otomo Yoshihide below, was used by the Wire, with the Yoshihide shot on the cover and a different shot of Eye inside.

Otomo Yoshihide, musician, backstage, London, 1994
Also cross-processed (positive to negative), which gives often different tones – here much yellower than the green tinge of Eye's shot on the same day. I tried some early Photoshopping when this was selected for the cover (can you belive I scanned the film, Photoshopped and then output the digital data to positive film!) It didn't work well, but Wire, in perhaps my last job for them, recreated the same Photoshop effect themselves. Eye and Otomo are part of what was then-known as "Japanese noise music" (here a year later) – Eye doing vocal effects (I have a live shot of this performance with the microphone in his mouth) and Otomo for this performance on turntables.

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