Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Portraits: 37

John Waters, film maker, hotel in London, 1990
One of my favourite photos. If portraits are often about the eyes, both the positioning and the dark glasses obscure – and reveal! – that. And for me, something of Waters' own humour, evident in his films from Pink Flamingo to Hairspray, comes through. I always saw this as a pairing with the Willem Dafoe picture (as I said on the comment for that picture, the two pictures were taken a week apart and Waters had been baby-sitting for Dafoe only days before.)

Wim Wenders, film maker, hotel in London, 1988
Wenders, director already of Wings of Desire, Paris Texas, The American Friend etc, was relaxed, and what I went for was something of a shape, simply by turning him round in the chair to face me across its back.

Fatima Whitbread, at City Limits' offices. London, 1987
This was a call to photograph her at the magazine offices while I was working there as picture editor. Perhaps the first professional portrait I took. I knew nothing of her interesting life story (her abandonment as a baby and subsequent adoption etc) only of her sporting achievements with the javelin – and I heard an interview with her only last week during the current London Olympics. She was pleasant an easy-going, and all I did was to arrange a positioning of her arm so that, while she was wearing her feminine blouse, something of her physical strength also came through.

All for City Limits magazine

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