Sunday, 19 August 2012

Apple juice label

My label design for Urushido Ringo-en's (漆戸りんご園 – Urushido apple farm) apple juice. One of only two semi-organic apple farms, they have been trying out pure juice alongside their apples – each bottle contains the juice of 6 apples and absolutely nothing else. Details of the label include the apple-shaped "ご" of りんご (ringo – "apple") and the four juicy dots of 完熟 (kanjyoku – "ripe"). The farm is in Aomori, northern Japan, which translates literally as "blue forest". But certain shades of blue and green translate the same from Japanese and so, because Aomori is so green, I suggested the phrase as "from the green forest" having the greater meaning and connection to apples in English. (And below the bottle, is a photo I took this summer with the green forest reflected in a shaded forest stream!)

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