Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Portraits: 35

Quentin Tarantino, filmmaker, London, 1992
Photographed for the launch in the UK of his first film Reservoir Dogs, Tarantino was playful and quick to pose. I never particularly liked using lights to make a specific set-up for a photo, having come to portraiture from what I see as a more flexible (on the spot), natural light background. So when I did use lights, I sometimes used the modeling light only, as in the first shot, above. Of course, using only modeling lights and not the flash also led to blur – which back then was a tad less of of a no-no, but today, with high definition everything, is more of one. (Today's HD is too HD for me: having one eye that never focuses, I actually see the world with blur inbuilt.) I also of course did use the flash – in this case combined again with cross-processing the film (positive to negative). The exposure/processing made the result too bright in this case but actually also led to one of my favourite portraits, below, where Tarantino's eye is isolated and dramatic: a neat – if partly accidental – outcome for a filmmaker with an eye for violence. For City Limits.

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