Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Otomo Katsuhiro

The Chiyoda 3331 Arts Center is holding an exhibition of manga/anime artist Otomo Katsuhiro's work. He's most famous for the manga and movie Akira, which was one of the first Japanese anime I saw back in the 80s. (Or was it around 1990? The cinema, in New York, listed it as showing every hour, so I thought it must be a short film, but it turned out to be popular enough to feature on two screens and have staggered entrance times throughout the day – it is a full-length feature, of course!)

Katsuhiro's work is impressively both draughtsman-like and dynamic, delineated and graphic, often simple and impactful. So I'd like to see the exhibition, but they are expecting high attendance and allocate a couple of timed entries and my current work schedule more suits fitting it in when I can. (Plus crowds and scheduled exhibitions put me off!) So I will have to make do with the current issue of Brutus magazine which, in line with previous occasional manga-themed issues, have given much of the magazine over to Katsuhiro. A spread of tiny pages from the manga might need a magnifying glass, but the magazine includes stickers (always good for otaku collectors) and other coverage like comparisons of real cityscapes or previous artworks and those of the manga (all pictured above). Anime fans abroad (of which Akira has many) can probably order an issue on Amazon Japan here.

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