Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Don't stay here

I'm not a Starbucks fan – it always just seems a beige and green McDonalds to me. At least McDonalds is bright and simple in design – there's no cover-up going on. Starbucks always seems to be merely pretending to be "adult" to me. A city in Fukuoka prefecture has a Starbucks with striking interior design by Kengo Kuma. Yet, while striking, it wouldn't encourage me to linger – this is definite fast-food design, with the angled, arrowed lines almost guiding you forcefully out of the shop! Maybe that's a good idea for Starbucks. (But judging by the website, Kengo Kuma's quieter wooden styling and constructions are definitely the more impressive for me.) It gets a more favoutable review over on Fastcodesign.

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