Friday, 13 April 2012

Cover girls

I always like a magazine cover with a special treatment. B.L.T. Plus's 3D-photo cover stood out – but is let down by two things. One: the photo is simply stuck on to the cover (and in a very square design). Integrating it onto the page would, of course, be tricky and this is one acceptable solution, though it does look, well, a tad simple as a finish. The second is that "B.L.T." actually stands for Beautiful Ladies on Television, and that has to be as basic a title (and content) as that stuck on 3D imagery and the inclusion of the annoyingly ubiquitous AKB48 in vol. 1 suggest. Both vol. 1 and 2 are off-shoots of the regular B.L.T. magazine, whose existence I was happily ignorant of until the special cover displayed itself. And, yes, B.L.T. does also stand for bacon, lettuce and tomato in Japan as well.

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