Thursday, 17 November 2011

The world around us

There's an exhibition of Naoya Hatakeyama's excellent photos at the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography. He is famous for his fast-shutter-speed shots of exploding landscapes (of stone mining detonations etc) of which there is one stunning room in the show.
The rest is of differing land/cityscapes – wondrous, beautiful (a frozen waterfall), desolate, damaged or dominating (a man in a snowscape, two tiny people atop a man-made mountain); industrial-scapes and buildings, here often featuring clouds of steam or demolished buildings; and finally a collection from Tohoku – making a natural companion to his damaged land- or city-scapes. With so many images from the news about Tohoku, Hatakeyama's sometimes just fit in unnoticed with the already-seen, but others stand out – a keyboard in the water, a pile of rubble looking like his industrial-made or natural mountains, a submerged house.

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