Friday, 25 November 2011

Portraits: 25

Sinead O'Connor, singer, at (my) home, London, 1990
O'Connor rejected the idea of my going to her home and came to mine instead (which was then in what was perceived as non-salubrious Harlesden in north west London) for this shoot for The Village Voice. Among the photos, I liked the religious watch face in the one shot and the expression of Sinead's own face in the other – which was the shot used. The newsprint style of the Voice – a paper I loved, making it a thrill to work for it from London – suited my own black-and-white and grainy approach. Later, another Voice shoot of Queen Latifah and O'Connor together was arranged for which I booked a studio. For some unknown reason, Queen Latifah never arrived at the shoot despite our hearing that she'd left the hotel, so we sat around the studio for a few hours without, understandably but unfortunately, O'Connor being interested in a further, solo, photo shoot.

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