Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Portraits: 23

Leonard Nimoy, actor/director/photographer, in a club room, London, 1989
This was one of the times I was I was most excited about taking someone's portrait, because I – like many – had grown up enthralled by Star Trek. Of course, Star Trek is not a summary of what Nimoy is about (the headline that went opposite this photo in print was "I'm not Spock") but it nevertheless was an excitement for me. Being interviewed was not necessarily an excitement for Nimoy: the previous year (and we'd only just entered 1989) saw him divorced and the death of both his parents, so this photo just perhaps captured something of both his mien during the interview – although the shot below shows that the conversation was absolutely not without humour – and, via a simple play of light from a lamp behind him, just the tiniest hint of being beamed somewhere. For City Limits.
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