Friday, 11 November 2011

Portraits: 24

Michael Nyman, composer and musician, at home, London, 1993
Nyman generously gave me time to photograph him in his house in London. Perhaps most of all I liked a black-and-white shot I got of him on his sofa. But I also liked this one, taken using a small, unfocusable old Russian panoramic camera I had, which was not often suited to portrait shots. (Though I also liked the shot of Laurie Anderson taken on the camera.) It was shot on the top floor of the house – his piano/music room – and the panorama was a good way to encompass the surroundings, him and the music scores cluttering the floor. For The Wire, which used a medium format close-up cross-processed (slide to negative film).

For more on these portraits, see here, and the Portraits tag at right.

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