Monday, 28 November 2011

Election icons

This is a curious photo-report from the Egyptian elections on The Guardian. To help clarify which candidate is which for the illiterate among the electorate, each candidate has an icon of some familiar object. These range from cameras to the space shuttle, via a vacuum cleaner and an oven. This has perhaps become strange because of the sheer number now in use (250)  – and recognising that your candidate is the Canon camera and not the Nikon camera is presumably becoming almost as difficult as recognising the shape of a name you nevertheless can't read. That ability to come up with distinct but easy to recognise items is down to the elections commission, apparently (the items, according to the report in the Guardian, are assigned rather than chosen. This doesn't do much for the reputation of Egypt's attitude to women where a female candidate has the space shuttle, when the Egyptian for "rocket" has the meaning of "hottie", says the report. While the candidate who got the pyramid must be happy.)

A fascinating use of imagery (at an important time). And one getting complicated for those selecting.

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