Monday, 21 November 2011

CNNGo guide (to "arty" Japan)

Last year I started making a list of suggestions for an arts-oriented tourist visiting Japan. The posts followed Guardian readers choosing Tokyo as their favourite foreign-city destination in October 2010. I wrote then that the celebratory article by the informed Pico Iyer was accompanied by the usual stock Tokyo photos. It was those images made me wonder about the "real" attractions of Tokyo – especially for an arts- and design-oriented visitor.

So I started a short, personal list for a "designer's" guide to visiting Tokyo – and the rest of Japan. Now I've summarized 6 of them for the CNNGo website. Duplication seems unnecessary: so I've deleted them from here and you can read my CNNGo guide to arty Japan here.

(In addition, after I started posting the first suggestions on this blog, the earthquake, tsunami and meltdown happened – and tourist numbers plummeted. So – for a contribution to boosting tourism – you might also consider adding Fukushima Prefecture to your list of places to visit, with Ouchijuku.)

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