Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Too much of everything

The Guardian has a (disposable, of course) piece on whether there are too many infographics. It seems to me that the answer is an obvious yes. But the answer applies to pretty much everything – there is simply too much of everything, and rather than the quality coming through (in this case, of course, merely infographics, of which The Guardian can make some quality images) the best stuff gets drowned out in the mellee.

But I don't need to add another half-formed idea of what's right or wrong. (And "too much of everything" is a general a statement as you can get!) So, meanwhile, The Guardian piece also link to the Newsnight discussion above, which is worth a view. David McCandless, infographic designer, is confronted by Neville Brody, who seems at least to be getting at a greater point about prettifying things, though what a "grassroots" alternative is, he doesn't explain. So, while all is left hanging, at least it's discussed…

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