Sunday, 25 September 2011

Traveling far?

When I last mentioned a print magazine launch in Japan (relaunch in fact; it was WIRED) what I thought was going to be a regular issue turned out to be a one-off. I'm not sure why: whether it was intended as just a single promotion for a returned web presence or simply failed.

So let's hope I can welcome another launch – which I think is aiming to be quarterly – for a longer time. It's a travel magazine for women called Bird. Is there a market for a women's travel magazine? Perhaps there are other travel mags which are just a tad macho in appeal, in which case it could be that Bird has perhaps discovered a niche or an audience. Anyway, it's an attractive (semi-gloss coated, textured cover), perfect bound (and 130-page), photo-led publication (with even a tie-in feature with the instant-film Impossible Project) that looks worthy of a place in the market.

Good fonts headline a breadth of subjects (can't say about the depth – not being able to read enough Japanese! – and a headline like "Before the flowers bloom," which introduces various women, seems a little twee). But it has a interesting feel overall. The launch issue is dedicated to a theme of American travel. Backed by Blues Interaction (which did the Japan version of Fader magazine, for example).

(The British slang of "bird" for "girlfriend" or "woman" is not currency in Japan, so any associated, possibly negative, perceptions presumably don't exist – the title works for "flying" and "free" and possibly "feminine.")

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