Sunday, 21 August 2011

Portraits: 19

Kitchens of Distinction, band, at the record label offices, London, 1991.
The band is now defunct, but this was for an album release interview. Political and non-conforming to the music industry's preconceptions, they were a band that was suited to City Limit's coverage. They were perfectly considerate, but I like the look of sheer boredom at doing an interview shot.

Eartha Kitt, singer, London, 1992
The interviewer was a little nervous – Eartha Kitt, she said, had a reputation for being, whatever the word is… "difficult". I didn't know that, so the interviewer's thoughts made me nervous too, and when Kitt entered, we both stood up like schoolchildren as much as out of politeness. Kitt was, of course, fine, only growling "Don't get too close" when I went for my usual close-up style of shooting. I suppose she could have meant I shouldn't physically get too close, but I'm pretty sure it was more to do with close-ups of her face revealing too much of the aging process! In the end, I liked this medium distance, medium format shot anyway, with her cutting an impressive figure. Eartha Kitt died in 2008. For City Limits.

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