Friday, 12 August 2011

Design for Manga and Anime

Idea (アイデア)design magazine (left) has a "Design of Manga, Anime and Light Novel" special edition looking at various designers' work. Each manga illustration-styles predominate in the designs, of course, so it's a case of presenting that via graphical style, text styling, fonts, colour…

As always a mixed pop-art bag with some decidedly impactful cover designs among the usual surfeit of teenage-girl themed manga (mostly in a similar realm to the ubiquitous and boring real-world girl-band AKB48, but somtimes the more dicey likes of LO – for Lolita – magazine which at least only gets the two covers rather than the multi-cover spread of last year's special edition.)

Stand-outs featured include (below) Kei Kasai's covers for Hisae Iwaoka's Dousei Mansion manga, rotatable in keeping with their gravity-free space theme; Tadashi Hisamochi's book (The Sky of Longing for Memories) of backgrounds for Makoto Shinkai's anime; Yoko Akuta's cover for a sexy-looking book Utsubora; and the look back at older 20th century manga… and more.
You can buy the magazine from Amazon Japan

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