Thursday, 2 June 2011

Portraits: 15

Rutger Hauer, actor, hotel, London, 1992
Another shoot during the interview, which means a couple of weird expressions as I caught Hauer mid-word. But it also meant this quite nice laughing blur during the conversation. Hauer was the only person who said "that's enough" to me although I hadn't shot much – firstly, because I rarely did (and more often got the comment, "Is that all?"), and secondly, because I had to wait to shoot until he wasn't open-mouthed mid-speech. Anyway, one of the final selection (though not either of these) made the cover of City Limits.

Jools Holland, musician, at his studio/home, London, 1993
This was a PR shoote, not for a magazine. The more generic shots maybe worked better for PR, but I liked both of these: a part-solarised, Polaroid negative, shot outside, and a weary-looking one at the piano in the studio. Jools often looks sort of weary (an aspect that has become part of his TV-presenting image) though clearly this photo is more portrait than PR. His home (a railway station conversion) was interesting – as were his stories.

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