Saturday, 28 May 2011

You've been framed

As digital art becomes a norm, as we all simply keep digital versions of our photos, here's a new frame for viewing it called simply Framed. Of course, there's plenty of small frames for electronic images, but this hopes to match the upper-end of display of home/public art. And it looks pretty nice. Conceived by Yugo Nakamura (of tha ltd) and made in collaboration with both Yoshihiro Saitou (of A-study) and design/engineers Om, Inc.

Even though video art has been around for a while, I'm still not sure I'd want to permanently have a Bill Viola piece on display, however much I love his work. But of course the point is not to think of one display: you've got a choice, switch it on, switch it off, change the display as often as you want. (And perhaps I can imagine a frequent display of Sam Taylor-Wood's David Beckham sleeping.)

I still have a niggle though with this kind of thing – it's more of getting what you want as soon as you want it, and I have an old-fashioned upbringing in which that wasn't possible or deemed good. And perhaps it's just being in Japan during energy-saving times, but yet another energy-consuming device – for displaying what otherwise could be just static or viewed elsewhere – also seems a luxury.

None of which reflects on the good design or that I'm a consumer of electricity like everyone else.

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