Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Portraits: 14

Diamanda Galas, singer/musician, at her home, New York, 1992
Galas is well known for her difficult musical takes on (often painful) subjects, and this photo was to accompany a new album of blues covers – the article was titled "Lady Screams the Blues". (After it appeared her manager said they liked both photo and article title). When I met her at her apartment (all suitably black and white, including black candles) she had her recently-taken portrait by Annie Leibowitz propped against the wall in the entrance way, which gave me pause for thought on anything I might achieve photographically – although not so for Galas, who stood on no ceremony of heirarchy in the photographic world. Clearly interested in photos, she posed easily, and was a truly approachable and an engaging person. Again, I liked the Polaroid negative, including its damage from the peeling apart and handling, a result which seemed to especially suit her. I originally also printed it on colour paper, adding-in tints, but the black-and-white was used for the mono-printed The Wire.
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