Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Next generation anime

I was recently shown these two examples of independent/student animation by an 11-year-old with an obvious taste for good animation. These are two college projects from last year. Above a darkly moody, odd – and excellent – short called Children by Okada Takuya (from Trident Computer College, uploaded to his YouTube channel exactly a year ago today)

Below, a light-hearted – and equally good – contrast from Hiroyasu Ishida: his graduation work from Kyoto Seika University Animation Department. The girl asks, "Will you go out with me", the boy replies, "Sorry, but I want to concentrate on baseball", causing some flying hysterics. Check Ishida's site under the name Tete. His aspiration is to work in animation – an aspiration which should be fulfilled pronto for both these animators.

(The above is light, but also see Tete's atmospheric Rain Town.)

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