Wednesday, 4 May 2011


Today sees the release of the new CD single for a newly promoted Jarnz (じゃ〜んず)– "Donzoko Heaven"(どんぞこヘヴン). With lyrics that say something like, "Do the best you can do/the lowest hell is heaven" it sounds like a song for the times here in Japan. I designed the cover – the original idea of a turtle on its back (even upside down, it will right itself) got designed out, until now the idea of that remains in the title, with the two words at 180 degrees to each other. (And the turtle remains as a little icon under the title).

Seems to be doing allright on its release – the download already number 1 in an indie chart, Amazon temporarily out of stock, and the song already an advertisement used in Hokkaido (where the group – five voices, beat box, no instruments – are from).

CD available from Amazon here, small clip of their singing it on the street here,

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