Sunday, 17 April 2011

Tower of…?

This has been posted around and about, but it brought a smile to my face, so here it is again.

An artwork by Kuniyoshi Utagawa from 1831 (“Toto Mitsumata no Zu”) features an unusual tower in the background. I've seen this artwork in exhibition and had noticed the tower. It seems to have no immediately understandable function. "Experts" say there was no tower like that and it's probably an expression of the artist's creativity. (On the other hand, it could have been an expression of some architect, sculptor or builder's creativity and actually have been erected there without other purpose, I suppose!)

Currently being built in Tokyo is Japan's tallest building (and a communications tower) the Tokyo Sky Tree, which has an interesting similarity (as tall, free-standing structures might) across the centuries. But good fun. The full painting is around the web.

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