Friday, 8 April 2011

Quick advertising

Tohoku's sake brewers, having suffered the earthquake and tsunami, are not, it seems, about to knuckle under the "self-restraint" (jishuku) that some politicians are recommending here. Tokyo's foot-in-mouth governor, Ishihara, has suggested that now isn't the time to do ohanami (the season's regular cherry blossom viewing). There was a ohanami protest "party" yesterday in front of city hall, and Tohoku's brewers were quick to get a campaign going requesting people to buy their sake – quite rightly, in my view: they have enough on their plate in repairing damage, trauma and everything else without having their business taken away from them as well. It's understandable, of course, that people feel restrained, but a large part of N.E. Japan has their livelihood affected alongside their lives, and you can't rebuild the latter without the former. The banner reads: Flowers/Sake/Japan! and they launched a website and facebook page.

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