Sunday, 20 March 2011

Quieter times

Life continues in some sort of normal form (and even the press has slowed down on eating its own fear) here in Tokyo.

By many city standards, Shinjuku would still seeme crowded and brightly lit, but here on the Friday the week after the quake and tsunami in north east Japan, department stores are shut, all streetlights and much above-street-level lighting is off, and the restaurant we ate at took last orders at 8.30pm. (It would usually be something like 1am.) Some might say they should have days like this every week. (I would be one of them! It's one of the reasons I like living out of town!)

Work continues: here a Sagawa package delivery van makes a delivery during a power cut.

A power cut shuts the local convenience store.
In fact, most of the scheduled power cuts haven't happened, and Shinjuku, like elsewhere, is deliberately saving electricity as Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) cannot currently generate enough (for the obvious reasons). There are no complaints about our inconvenience and luck.

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