Friday, 11 March 2011

Portraits: 10

Julee Cruise, singer, in a hotel room, London, 1990
Julee Cruise was promoting her (excellent) album "Floating Into the Night" and was famous for her work – on that album and Twin Peaks – with David Lynch. I got a nice enough shot of her in black-and-white sitting on the hotel bed, a blank TV to her left and looking off to her right. I'm not sure if it said so much about her or her relationship to TV (!) but it looked OK. But, this colour and slightly eccentrically framed shot with the flowers seemed the most (very vaguely) Lynchian and sort of lush for the few minutes I had with (a quite probably jet-lagged) Cruise. For City Limits.

Ivor Cutler, song writer/poet, outside the BBC, London, c1990(?)
Ivor Cutler, who died in 2006, was known for his perhaps off the wall, humorous poetry/songs, so I wanted something that was not "straight on". I'd arranged to meet him on the street outside the BBC, as he was there to record something, to get a few minutes for the shot for City Limits. The pillars are from the church immediately opposite BBC radio in central London. He watched me framing the shot and fiddling with the focus and gave me a compliment I've always loved, when he asked if I was a musician. I said no (I can't play a thing), and he said he'd wondered because I handled the camera like a musical instrument.

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