Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Being there

I can't believe it's only the fourth day since the quake – or is that, I can't believe it's already 4 days since the quake? Time passes rapidly. So many reports, updates, and now further serious hazards. (And in Tokyo – currently inconvenienced but not suffering like the hit areas – continued, frequent rumblings remind us of the threat of a further big quake; rolling blackouts are a daily possibility; supermarkets have seen lines outside and emptying shelves.)

Two journalist colleagues are writing reports from as close to the nuclear power plants in Fukushima as they can get, other colleagues are reporting from the stricken areas further north, others are reporting round the clock from Tokyo. Photographer colleagues are also in the area most hit by the tsunami and quake. Here two examples of photos: the long walk home or overnight stay in Tokyo after the quake by Tony McNicol, and the continued trauma of the people in the devastated quake-hit area by Rob Gilhooly.

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