Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Portraits: 7

Ben and Jacqui, couple, London, 1993
This is not commissioned shot. I took a small series of "couple" shots (friends and mother/son included). This one, I liked and submitted for the then-named Kobal Award at the National Portrait Gallery in 1994. It didn't win anything, but was included in the exhibition. Since the Portrait Gallery is one of my favourites, this photo's inclusion was an exceptional treat for me.

Nigel Benn, boxer, at training, London, 1987
This was one of a couple of portraits I took for The Face. The magazine's then-art director (Phil Bicker) had expressed a liking for my jazz photos and asked me for a black-and-white shot to be taken in a similar, non-set-up way: just to go along and record the training and take a portrait as well.

For more on these portraits, see here, and the Portraits tag at right.

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