Friday, 4 February 2011

Icon retired

For the past couple of years, Japanese drivers over 70 years old have had to display a stick-on mark on their car to show just that – that there's an older driver at the wheel. A little unfair perhaps. But, anyway, it was tear-drop shaped (the "learner" sticker is like the fin of an arrow) and also supposed to reminiscent of an autumn leaf (above left). So it has been redesigned it after protests that it was too miserable an idea, all this tearful and autumnal stuff. So there is a new design (by, I believe, a 35-year-old designer) which is perkier and has an "S" for senior citizen (above right) – although "senior citizen" is not a common phrase in Japanese. Good to know that people can pressure to change a design supposed to reflect what they don't believe they are.

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