Thursday, 10 February 2011

Go low

I'm afraid I've ground to a halt with my Impossible Project Polaroid camera: the new film is so unpredictable that the chances of having nothing come out meant I stopped looking at anything as a possible subject. I may start up again as I love the idea, but perhaps this prototype would be a good alternative solution to a desire for something "analogue" or low-fi: a camera which mimics low-quality old prints. (Of course, I scanned the Impossible Project film after use, and this camera is digital, but the general idea of analogue sort of holds up.)

This is a camera which recalls the old toy camera, the Holga, by using cheap lenses – for vignetting and even light-leakage – by not including a preview screen and by removing as many features as possible. Sometimes we just miss all that old-fashioned lack of quality, don't we (?)

Designed (superbly) by Saikat Biswas,

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