Saturday, 29 January 2011

Portraits: 4 and 5

For more on these portraits, see here, and the Portraits tag at right.

Alexander Balanescu, musician, composer, at home, London, 1993
Balanescu is best known as leader of the Balanescu Quartet and frequent collaborator with Michael Nyman, and still plays, composes and performs. This is one of my occasional cross-processed photos – a popular method at the time to get strong or bright colours, in which slide film was processed as print film. Here it was too monochrome an image to be get a variety of colours in saturation, but I still like the effect with a single tone. For The Wire.

Neil Bartlett, author, and director and performer for the theatre, at home, London, 1991
Neil was a good sitter with an eye for the theatrical. We went for a close-up in print, but this is one I like for his expression. For City Limits.

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