Thursday, 27 January 2011

Portraits: 3

Paul Auster, writer, hotel in London, 1987
Auster's The New York Trilogy was about to be released in the UK, already making an impact after its recent release in the States. I obviously hadn't read the book, but the magazine I was working for was able to ask the publisher for an advance copy so I could quickly read it before I photographed Auster. I'm glad I was able to, because I could choose to shoot a few double-images to pick up on the themes of the book I otherwise wouldn't have known about. Auster met me downstairs at the hotel and agreed to go back to his room so I could use a mirror for some attempts at this double-image. It was an early shoot for me, and I was grateful for his agreement and his ease in going along with the idea. I shot with fast and grainy film. (I was already taking live music photographs and it never bothered me to use the same hand-held, fast film approach.) I liked this shot, and this brief shoot. For City Limits magazine.

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