Friday, 21 January 2011

Portraits: 2

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Laurie Anderson: musician, at home, New York, 1992
I had an old, 35mm Russian panoramic camera, which leaked light and seemed to have virtually no point of focus. But occasionally it could still be a good choice for taking a portrait (or more often a streetscape). Laurie struck me as a small, self contained woman physically, and the panorama could isolate that aspect of her while putting her in her location. Her violins were off to the side, and this method brought them into the shot without necessarily posing her with them. The violin bodies making a counterpoint to her own. It also seemed a good idea to be a bit "experimental" to match the character of her music.

So nothing was moved around apart the personal (a spiritual connection, I think) picture behind her which was turned to face the wall so as not to appear in my photograph. Shot for The Wire.

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