Friday, 14 January 2011

Polish film posters

Over at Pink Tentacle there's another nice collection, this time of Polish film posters for Japanese monster films. However, Polish film-poster designs needn't be limited to monster films: the one below for Empire of the Senses (Ai no Corrida) is also stunning, for example.
Not necessarily directly related to the film, which was of course sexually explicit, but didn't specifically feature a scene like the one illustrated. Polish illustrators and designers seemed to be on something that they weren't sharing with the rest of the film-poster designing world. Which meant they achieved great results, like these two for Ballad of Narayama and Dersu Uzala, but they are somewhat collectable and somewhat amazing for their suggestion of the film rather then a directly related illustration of the film. Perhaps all the better for that?
And, of course, not just for Japanese films. Below is The Great Gatsby, for example, also great, but exactly why Gatsby is playing golf with Daisy's head is not explained.
Enter "Polish" under "Poster Nationality" in the advanced search on (where you can buy originals) for many more examples.

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