Monday, 13 December 2010

Thinking and re-thinking

I visited the Issey Miyake exhibition Reality Lab at 21_21 Design Sight in Tokyo Midtown over the weekend. It may be that Issey Miyake is "only" fashion, but there is an interesting aim to this show and the work: a mixture of design, recycling and ecological technology and craftsmanship. Using a company (Teijin) that makes polyester out of recycled clothes, plus traditional Japanese attention to detail in making things, and mixing origami techniques with up-to-the-minute construction, Miyake makes complicated folds in the design of the material which mean these clothes "remember" (to a certain extent) a folded-flat state and open into Miyake-style shapes for wearing.

He is the centre of the show, but he brings in commentary about the fragility of the world from scientists and technicians, and other works including curved folds in origami, and an interesting new look at the recycle logo from the Rebirth Project  – who broaden the logo out into small animationed "icons" that explore further the meaning of "recycle".

The poster shows one of Miyake's creations when folded flat.

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