Thursday, 23 December 2010

Japan/UK infographic

What with all the infographics everywhere one turns, I just thought I'd contribute one (very lightheartedly intended) infographic on the differences/similarities between the UK and Japan. I often hear that the UK and Japan have a lot in common or have similar traits because of their shared island-nation status, so taking that as a starting point I took 20 similarities/opposites and plotted them on a graphic.

Japan facts on the left, UK facts on the right. Nearer the centre of the circle, the more similar the facts, further out denotes an increasingly larger difference. If an entry appears toward the top of the circle it tends toward having a negative association, if on the horizontal through the middle of the circle it tends toward a neutral connotation, while if it appears toward the bottom there is a tendency for the entry to have a positive association.

What are the similarities and differences and are they positive or negative? As I said – not to be taken seriously. Click to enlarge.

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Very interesting and helpful.
Many thanks.