Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Black hair

New packaging for a "black melon-bread" snack. (Melon bread is usually bread-coloured or with a tinge of green - it is just a bread snack with a sweet, slightly melon-flavoured coating. This version has a black coating and chocolate cream at its centre.)

Some Japanese hair can easily become "afro" – and this package features a Japanese manga character called Afro Tanaka. Inventive, in this case, packaging and snack design.

(But the "afro" name obviously refers to its roots with African hair. So, just in a semi-related side-note: in popular culture here, other cartoony references to black people – such as "blacking up" for a comedy sketch – aren't always treated as they would be in the West, which of course has its own history of racism to overcome. Possibly because all foreigners can be fair game for such lampooning in Japan: see your party false nose here!)

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