Monday, 1 November 2010

Tokyo Design Tide

Maybe there are two Japans. The one where innovation and the economy are stagnating or failing, and the one where two major product-design and product-idea exhibitions take place in one week.

Of course, I'm simplifying. But anyway, I went to the Tokyo Design Tide in Tokyo Midtown (the other is Tokyo Designers Week). Apart from the pay-to-enter product-design fair at Design Tide (all laid out in a couple of halls among the architectural "V"-supports above), there were separate exhibitions for mobile company au's iida designs and Alessi collaboration, a small arts/design display where you could vote for a winner, a designer-plus-watch display, and the Design Touch exhibition – for hands-on, electronic design. And more scattered throughout Midtown.

The exhibits were mostly from Japan, but there was representations also from Korea and Europe (Germany, Norway, Sweden, France as well as UK-based Japanese). There were, as there always seems to be, a lot of chair designs. (More noticeable since it seemed that the exhibitors themselves had to stand: hard work over a week of showing!) But among the rest, I'd chose Naoki Kawamoto's Orishiki.

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