Monday, 1 November 2010


From Tokyo Design Tide:

Orishiki is Naoki Kawamoto's combination of origami and furoshiki.

Above is a glasses case. It is a plastic case that starts out or unfolds flat, and via foldings suggestive of that ori-/-shiki combination, assembles to make a case. But assembles is too strong a word: it looks like it would be fiddly to work, but the truth is, if you hold it in the palm of your hand and give a quick upward flick, it is so well conceived and made that everything immediately falls into place as the (fully functional) case. True: I tried it and it worked first time.

Nice combination of Japanese histories and creativity. Kawamoto is now based in London and looking for an investor/manufacturer to take his prototype to the next stage. He's also made a clutch purse and a suitcase, and more can be seen at his site.

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