Monday, 18 October 2010

There's no place like home… (2)

Strange to see a collection of shots of parts of London mentioned in Zadie Smith's book White Teeth. It's a literary walk through several parts of my previous hometown – London – which were actually my home towns. I lived in Harlesden (of the Jubilee Clock, left), Willesden (where I drank – though perhaps only once – in the Spotted Dog pub mentioned in the article) and Kilburn (where the High Road really is no more attractive than it looks in the photo), and near Cricklewood (and know that Halal butchers) at different times. So it's funny to see them from a position in a different time and different place.

Familiarity didn't make me enjoy the celebrated White Teeth any more however. I gave up out of boredom about three-quarters of the way through. (As for books, so for art: YBA could stand for Young British Authors as much as the Young British Artists for which it was coined, and neither hold much attraction for me. There are British authors and artists I love, young and old, but they don't usually fall into that promotional category.)

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