Saturday, 16 October 2010

"Imagine no possessions…"

…except for a John Lennon Special Edition Mont Blanc pen. I mean exceptions must be made, notably for a pen that retails at $920. Gosh, how he must have really meant those lyrics. Visit the special site, and wait while it loads (a while, so you can watch a little "peace" symbol unfold as the loading icon.) At the end, "Imagine" plays  in an instrumental version – don't want the lyrics to interfere with the sell. Or, just don't visit the site – up to you.

I'm not a Lennon fan really; usually couldn't care less about celebrity endorsement; was quite comfortable with Bob Dylan selling Victoria's Secret underwear  – but walking past the Mont Blanc shop in still-monied Ginza in Tokyo and seeing this promotion did just seem a tad too much.

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