Thursday, 7 October 2010

3 stories of print design in the modern age

1) The question of the death of publishing is posed again, but well discussed in The Independent this week – here.

2) The New Yorker introduces a new section to its Book Bench blog – designers discuss their work on book covers.

3) Business cards. In Japan meishi are practically essential. (And as with everything essential in Japan, also come with a fetishised method of use: present with both hands, receive with both hands, keep on the table during the meeting, don't put in a pocket etc. For a cute film, see here!) But it seems that in America too, they are one form of print design actually increasing in production. Read the story in The Washington Post here.

Above: "Is print dead?" – I've written it here with Ina Reijnen's free Apphabet font; from the Book Bench blog; exchanging 名刺 (business cards)
Below: The business card story gives me an excuse to link to a clip from the great American Psycho:

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