Friday, 3 September 2010

Typographical Kon artist

One for film-obsessives and typographers only, perhaps. A friend pointed me in the direction of a book out last month: Kon Ichikawa's Typography. Ichikawa was a film director, but one who apparently also did the typography for his titles. I've only seen a couple of Ichikawa's films – both good. (Others, such as An Actor's Revenge, have a reputation, but I haven't seen them.)

I've not yet seen the book, but was curious to check out a few of his posters and YouTube clips.

Above are some of his title-designs: Ten Dark Women (or Ten Black Women – the translation has an alternative in English for obvious reasons) at the top; Odd Obsession; and part of the trailer for The Crowded Train with its text cut at the horizon of the crowd. Left is Enjo (based on Yukio Mishima's book Temple of the Golden Pavilion)

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