Tuesday, 28 September 2010

OK, go on…

OK Go's Damian Kulash talks thoughtfully and interestingly on not so much making music as making a career out of making music in the online age. And on making those videos.

OK Go are justly renown for their excellent videos. "Here it Goes Again" (approx 53,000,000 views on YouTube), "This Too Shall Pass" (approx 20,000,000 for two versions), "End Love" ("only" about 2,500,000 – there must be another one with more views somewhere!), the new "White Knuckles" (already 4,300,000).

So how many watch his interview on how they go about making a living when music is watched (and consumed) for free? Well, I guess people just want the end result, not how it works  – 1,439 views after almost 6 months online.

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