Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Making a career of photojournalism

Would love to support the enthusiasm of this article… but can't quite fathom what it's talking about. It's a rebuttal of the idea that photojournalism is dead because of a new agency whose business model seems… what? New? The article doesn't say who is going to pay the way of these photojournalists. Photojournalists aren't dead (I know a few) but it sure is hard to make a living, though some do. (This applies to journalists and musicians, too – perhaps the hardest hit of all in the online changes.) I can't see what the Luceo agency does to change that fact.

It's good that they are planning 25 and 30 years in advance – such optimism is admirable. But things are changing. A career in photojournalism 25-30 years hence is surely impossible to plan for though possible to aim for (with flexibility and dedication rather than optimism).

As the article concludes, there is no such thing in business as a pessimist. But a blind optimism, while making you feel good, doesn't make for good business either. Meanwhile, outside of such enthusiasm, I wish the excellent Luceo photographers as well as any photojournalist…

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