Thursday, 2 September 2010

Castro captured

My friend Lena Konstantakou is having an exhibition of her Cuba photos – from Sept 30-Oct 3 in London at the Idea Generation Gallery. Early notice for the London-based readers to mark their diaries.

Alongside Lena's contemporary photos are my father's three snaps of pre-presidential Fidel Castro. May dad worked at the airport in the Caribbean island of Trinidad and when Castro was passing through Dad had his snapshot camera and, perhaps mistaken for being a member of the press, was allowed close. The three shots were just family photos, increasingly indistinct memories (my father passed away 25 years ago, my mother can't remember exactly if it was 1958 or 59, but thinks 58.) Now, from family memories to the exhibition wall.

Castro is in the news still these days for his thoughts and health. This apology may not exactly rectify the pastt, but is impressive for a world leader – and I never saw Castro as one prone to publically admit mistakes. Interesting.

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